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 When selling your property, Southern & West understands that YOU want...

  • As little stress and hassle as possible
  • The best price achievable
  • A convenient time frame
  • A suitable buyer

Therefore, in order to achieve this, choosing the correct Estate and Letting agent is crucial. 

Southern & West Estate and Letting Agents in Bournemouth have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in buying and selling property. As a result, we understand that every experience is different. With this in mind, we have created a specialized service that is tailored to our client’s specific needs.With our hard work, determination, and strategic marketing plans, Southern & West will make sure that you have the best experience possible when selling your property.

Our 12 point plan is designed to provide you with helpful tips to getting the most for your property:

Step 1 - Target Market and Timing

To begin with, you should consider who your target market is, in order to sell your property quickly and painlessly. You need to think about the type of person that might buy your property. You can then tailor your property to meet the needs of this group of people, whilst avoiding alienating other potential buyers. If you need any help or advice on getting this balance right, speak to our team today. The key times to sell your property are when demand outstrips supply and prices are typically at their most buoyant. This is usually Spring (February/March) and Autumn (September).

Step 2 - De-Clutter and De-Personalise

Removing personal items such as ornaments and photo’s helps potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your house. We would also recommend putting larger furniture and rarely used items in storage. This will make rooms appear much bigger. Hallways should also be de-cluttered by clearing away coats and products should be hidden in the bathrooms. The appearance of kitchens can also be improved simply by clearing surfaces of appliances, jars and tins.

Step 3 - Freshen Up

A number of methods can be used to smarten up a tired-looking property. These include applying a fresh coat of neutral paint or new tiling. Alternatively, re-grouting can dramatically increase the appearance of tiles. Remember, small things can make all the difference when selling a property, we recommend replacing broken light bulbs, re-painting doors, ironing bed sheets and placing flowers throughout the property to improve its appearance with minimal effort.

Step 4 - Clean Up

Re-decorating is not essential, a good clean up can sometimes do the job. Having the carpets, sofa covers, oven and windows cleaned always brightens up a property. Better still, employing industrial cleaners will be money well-spent. Many buyers will see a garden as an additional room, therefore it is important to ensure it looks like the perfect space for entertaining as well as relaxing.

Step 5 - Instructing an Estate Agent & Solicitor

You’ll want an Estate Agent that is easy to relate to personally; someone who is active in the local market; and someone who is keen to sell your property and has fair agreement. It’s a good idea to find and instruct a solicitor to do your conveyance as early as possible. Our team take a personal approach and are committed to finding you a buyer and selling your property.

Step 6 - Costs

Selling sole-agency is the recommended as it works out cheaper. Given Estate Agents' fees, it's cheaper to sell sole-agency rather than multi-agency, so I recommend staying with one agent for the first 4 weeks, and giving them the best chance and motivation to sell your property fast. Always try to negotiate on agents' fees, and ensure you have the final fee agreed in writing. Also, ask your solicitor to fully explain all costs associated with selling. Finally, find out from your mortgage lender whether you will be hit with any redemption penalties. Then you'll know at what price you can afford to sell.


Step 7 - Valuation & Selling Prices

Using a Property Report will give you a head start on establishing the perfect price for your property. You can then bring your report along to us, allowing us to use the report to agree a realistic price for your property.


Step 8 - Get the Word Out

It is important to spread the word about your property being on the market. Simply methods such as having a board up and speaking to your neighbours are often the most powerful way to get the word out.

Step 9 - Preparing for Viewings

You want your property to appeal to the maximum number of people; therefore the power of first impressions should never be under estimated. The more people there are that like your property, the higher your selling price should be. Make sure your property looks inviting, sweep up and tidy the entrance to your house and also pay some attention to the front garden. As many people are allergic to animals, it may also be a good idea to leave any pets with a friend or neighbour. In addition to this, we would advise you to leave a parking space free somewhere convenient for your potential buyers.

Step 10 - Showing a Property

Choosing Southern and West as your agent means you won’t have to stress about the do’s and dont’s during a viewing. We can take care of this process for you, providing you with the option of being present at the viewing if you’d prefer. We are professional during the viewing and are careful not to overload potential buyers with too much information during their first visit. A more personal approach can be taken and you may wish to get to know buyers a little more on the second viewing. We will finish the viewing by inviting potential buyers to take another tour of the property on their own, but we will always be nearby to answer any further questions.

Step 11 - Choosing the Best Buyer

We will give advice about the best choice of potential buyer, keeping in mind that the person who offers the highest price is not always the best option. We will find out as much information as possible about the potential buyers to assist you when making your decision. If your buyers also have a property to sell, then it must be under offer before we advise you to take your property off of the market.

Step 12 - Accepting Offers

As your agent, Southern and West will act as the middleman and present every offer to you, along with all the background information we have to help you make an informed decision. Moving quickly is often key to getting your sale completed. Market conditions, competing properties and the potential buyers love of your property will all determine the price they offer and the price you are willing to accept.

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